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They are furious and decide to teach him a very stinky lesson. Only the best gets the opportunity to worship and serve a girl like Princess Carmella. A foot service slave is very replaceable. She makes him take her boots off, and just covers his face with her sweaty white socks that have been worn for over a week for our crazy sweaty socks challenge! When he complains about the taste she just shoves her whole foot in his mouth.

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He slave has been tied up and mouth taped with matching pink tape.

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Ceara Lynch - Lick My Stinky Feet

Her pants are soaked with sweat, she figures thats a good place and sits on his face. She rubs them all over his face as she laughs and makes jokes about him. They start pinching his nose between their toes making him inhale all their vinegary cheesy toejam in the process. She threatens if he trys to move she will tell their parents what she caught him doing last week. She is planning to watch a few episodes of her favorite series on Starflix, so she makes her loser slave lay down on the floor, to use his face as a footstool! But not just her feet…she pulls her pants down to revel her bush.

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lick my stinky feet slave
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lick my stinky feet slave
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3 thoughts on “Lick my stinky feet slave

  1. did he tell her to "shut up and stop asking questions" at the beginning? wow