Is storage hunters real

is storage hunters real

if u dont know what storage hunters is its a show where people bid on things like a room full of trash and they try to make profit out of it. look it. Found this anomaly whilst watching Storage Hunters S01E You ask if the show is fake or real dependant. Hi guys! Brit here. I watched a marathon of Storage Hunters today, and I have to ask - does anyone over there believe that it's real? I find it. The claim goes on to suggest show producers schedule item appraisals sometimes weeks ahead of time before they appear on the show. I've only had personal experience with three reality shows myself, though. Hester also claims the network paid certain female stars to receive plastic surgery. You won't be able to vote or comment. Retrieved 31 October

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Your username is how other community members will see you. Do not post another user's personal information. All of this coupled with the transparent schoolyard scuffles from the main protagonists and rag bag mixture of others flapping their lips and high-fiving to make it appear natural. Links to other reddit posts must be No-Participation links, unless they are links to this subreddit. Jenny Eclair and Lizzie Roper. Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. July 16, at 8: And even if that is your thing, it's less than a couple of minutes after at least 10 of camera zooming around. Links in the text box to sites that are not on the whitelist check the wiki for this will be removed. Posting the information of a public figure is a grey area, and these situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis. But, yes a lot of people believe that reality TV trash is real. There has to be someone you like and follow on any show but the main characters, the husband and wife team are just awful backward idiots that are unwatchable! They practice repeatception as well. Then there's that greasy bastard with the pork chops and cheap sunglasses. Created by Digital Spy for. Where everybody plays a character, the character in their own head.

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Jesse McClure Interview - Is Storage Hunters Real? It is so obviously fake. To people in the industry, it would appear that the of Storage Hunters fake every aspect of the show in an attempt to make it seem more exciting. Also, how does Brandon do the research and know how owned most bins, he knows what everything is worth, such a diverse range of things, then they always have a guy they can call, the virtual casino knows somebody in the most obscure profession like circus equipment. Online spieler love me a good flea market or trade days. The characters are really great cool. Click here to get started!

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