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The Carrot pate be sure you hate, for she'l be true to no man, But put her too 't and she will do 't, and oft turns very common: Just for alternate perspective, as an AmE speaker, I had never heard the term 'ginger' for hair color until recently. Nineteenth-century pre-Raphaelite painters depicted redheads as mythological figures and exotic fantasy projections. We love looking at actors Jessica Chastain and Julianne Moore born that waywho light up the screen with their tresses and talent — but Emma Stone, Amy Adams and Christina Hendricks all want in, too, and colour their hair accordingly. But then a very hot Brazilian man called me exotic too.

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Furthermore, many were astonished to discover that the term ginger was used to mock, ridicule and tease redheads in the United Kingdom.

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From the Wikipedia article on the Sumatran Orangutang: What do you think? The age-old question as to why certain things are called red when their obvious natural colour is orange has caused numerous headaches in modern times. It is not clear when it invaded the rest of the Isle of Britain. Imagine a national billboard campaign in a prominent European country splashed with a minority family being mocked for the colour of their skin — unthinkable.

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exotic redhead ginger
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exotic redhead ginger
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