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A level 80 warrior creature has armor. Anonymous September 22, at I just feel like a value difference as drastic as the one seen above is impossible to overcome unless the encounter involved an absurd amount of movement or AoE. We are all going to be made equal to a certain extent. It doesn't hurt us, technically, but it doesn't help at all and we'd rather that extra hit was another stat that would benefit us.

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Anonymous December 10, at 1:

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Stacking Armor Pen as MM?

Every hunter's first goal should be to reach the hit cap. You start with science, then you add some Dwarven Stout, and round it off some elf bashing. Yeah, a whole five different stats on gear that matter to you? The armor penetration cap refers to the percentage of the target's armor that is affected by your armor penetration rating. Jan 8, 1. Browse Posts By Tag achievements 15 addons 24 AoE 6 armor pen 7 aspects 2 beastmaster 19 blacksmithing 3 blehg post 4 brawler's guild 1 cataclysm 38 confused 2 dps dragon soul 18 firelands 14 focus 6 fun 22 gear gems 9 glyphs 12 guild 10 haste 2 healing 6 heroes 1 hit 10 housing 1 hunter ICC 14 intro 5 macros 32 maps 1 marksman hunter 29 meta 41 mists of pandaria 20 ouch 1 overwatch 1 pandaria 5 patch notes 46 personal 65 pet tanking 57 pets 57 professions 5 PTR 10 PvE 6 pvp 30 QQ 3 raids rant 15 reforging 3 reputation 7 RPPM 1 strategy 49 style 79 survival hunter 49 talents 65 tanking 1 tips 46 todo 5 transmogrification 6 trivia 14 turtle 11 UI 25 ulduar 9 wws 15 yessssssssssssssss 4.

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armor penetration hunters
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armor penetration hunters
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